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Voctoc was established in Shenzhen, China in 2019, Its companies include Voctoc technology, Yidaotong technology, Voctoc energy conservation, Voctoc cultural development, Voctoc logistics and other businesses. The business involves raw materials, electronics and electrical industries, chemical industry, new energy, new materials, automation equipment, artificial intelligence, logistics transportation, energy saving and environmental protection, hardware and plastic, clothing shoes and hats, food, health, consumables, cultural exchanges and many other fields.
we are committed to achieving high standards of service and support in the supply chain field. Since the establishment of the company, we are always adhered to the customer-centered, taking excellent resource development capabilities as the core competitiveness, with integrity, professional, innovative business collaboration, through the international perspective, efficiently integrate resources and optimize all aspects of the industry chain, continuously provide customers with stable, high quality and efficient products and services, and ultimately seek common development with customers and suppliers.
As we all know, with the increasing globalization, raw materials suppliers, manufacturers, sales platform, distributors, retailers and customers in the supply chain have already formed a community of interests, only a high degree of synergy can create more valuable products and services.
For global customers, Voctoc Group cooperates with our partners and friends to open cooperation, share value, and benefit customers, and enjoy a win-win situation.
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Vision: Develop better resources and create a better tomorrow.

Goals: Develop into an efficient, professional and leading international supply chain channel partner. 

Many fields, One-stop service

Original factory goods, Quality assurance

Global resources, Efficient integration

Speed logistics, Delivered on time
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